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Create quickly sharebale payments links for your products.

Get paid faster. automated product delivery. Easy integration and sharing. PayLink creates unique payment links for your product which you can share with your customer through social media or add payments link in your website.
Paylink helps you in providing your customer professinal looking and simple to use payments dashboard.

PayLink is a tool that provide payments interface for your product with email triggers which deliver your product with personalised mail to your customer automatically with minimalistic steps.

PayLink is powered by razorpay at backend so you can rely on it's transactional security and safety.

Where you can use paylink?

•Whatsapp, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook.
•Email services
•Direct payment interface
•selling your creative product without any hassle whether it's a one product or entire library.

Why paylink?

There are so many people with great product to sell but are not able to do it because they just find it too incovinient to setup proper selling funnel.
We believe that anyone with good product or service to provide for their audience should be able to do it easily and rewarded as well without worrying about setting up complex payments systems.
PayLink vision is to provide you professional payment interface with automated triggers that helps you modify your selling funnel with minimalist setup and quicly shareable link.

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